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Callum Logan Coronation Street Snatch Guy Ritchie
Sean Ward Alan Ford
Jessica Gerger Alex Evans
Joanna Bowen Abi Uttley
Tony Carpenter Matt Broad
James Cappel Sophie Gomis
Renton Rejects
Martin Delaney Emily Lee
Geraldine Garner Amy Yewbank
Panos Savvides Aaron Stafford
Emilia Bostedt Tobi Bamtefa
Judi Scott David Cuff
Rachel Stanley Sarah Berger
Beatrice Kaps Kevan Johnson
Maeve Malley-Ryan Toni Green
Martha Grace Gilly Daniels
Eileen Pollock Leanne Rowley

Anthony Houghton Lorna Phillips

Kerian Flynn Holly Gibbs

Ben Porter Paul McNeilly

Naomi Stafford
Terry Victor

Trevor Toussaint Indra Adler

Jon Mckenna Darren Cockrill

Aslihan Gulen Lilly Driscoll

Sean Baker George Cullingford

Olivette Cole-Wilson Kelly Gough

Dani Tonks Steve Hay

Jonathan BarakatRebecca Watson

Marina Hussain-LeonesMarissa Joseph

Rachel DawsonMichael Ackerman

What should we be noticing more - the actor or the photography?

Although trends for backgrounds often lean towards things such as leaves, bricks, or anything with a 'dramatic aura', my preference is to make YOU the focus, and ensure that nothing else in the headshot competes for the viewers attention.  For this purpose, plain black backgrounds work best for most shades of skin, and a simple light grey compliments the darker shades well.

I came from a film making and cinematography background before falling into the wonderful world of actors portraits, and one thing always worth remembering about cinematographers, is that they see their role to compliment the story, not dominate it.  In the same vein I always strive to make people remember YOUR work over my own.

Also worth remembering is that many who cast films are often looking at long lists of actors that display their headshots no bigger than a postage stamp.  Headshot photographers are like comedians in a way, many copying the trends set by a few.  But when the photography styles on that list appear so similar throughout, what on earth could make you stand out?  What should your portraits really be showing off...?

Ultimately one thing consistently sways the decision makers: