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This is David. He wanted to be an actor but had never acted before. 

I'm telling you this so that you never have to worry about how far into your career you are. you have something no one else can offer those casting directors, and I will capture it.

So here's a little breakdown of how it all works:

Before arriving at the studio (and being offered a cup of tea), we'll can chat about what you you'd like to take away from the shoot; its yours, and you have the ultimate say.

The number one worry expressed by visiting actors is getting those headshots that show their true nature, not just their features. By the end of the session, you'll come away with images that describe you as your friends would do, e.g. "warm hearted", "jack the lad", "seen alot for their age" and so on. These are the kind of descriptions I strive for in our portraits.

We'll shoot happily away for several hours with no pressure to finish. At my studio you will never feel like part of a production line, as I work with only one client a day, and in doing so you will get my undivided focus, attention and stamina (yes, even photographers run the risk of tiring out). You won't feel over directed, I have simple ways of finding these portraits naturally, which you can the results of in the online gallery.

When we're all done and you're on your way home, I'll be processing these images into a contact sheet that can be sent either to you and/or your agent. Whittle them down to your favourite five, and I'll send these back to you in either black or white and full resolution, by way of a quick and easy download.

Simple retouching such as basic eye bags, spots, cold sores and straight hairs will be taken care of on the house.

And how much for all this?  Well lower than the market rate; but thats because I know many of you work in one profession to support the other; and I'll do anything for those who love to create:

Pricing (per session) 

* 125 per session. Deposit is 30, but don't worry if the first time you have to reschedule; its still valid for the next.

* 10 discount for students and recent graduates (up to a year).

* There are no half or group sessions; for the best results its better not to rush these things.

* Free to touch up a shot if its simple (cold sores, temporary spots, etc),

* 7 if its a more complex affair. As mentioned earlier, unless its temporary, its unnecessary.

* 10 per extra photo.

* Prints I can order from you from FOTO.com for cost price. They ship very quicky and their inks, printers, and pricing are ahead of what ANY photographer produces in house,

* That cab from the station and back is free. Ring me on the way there and I'll book it for your arrival. From there the cab only takes about five minutes